Who is Avrasya Dijital?

Established in Istanbul in 2020, Avrasya Digital provides services in the digital textile printing industry with its product range consisting of digital printing machines, digital printing inks, sublimation transfer papers and press protection papers.

As the Avrasya Digital team, we provide our customers with high quality products, spare parts and technical support services in the field of digital textile printing, and bring our industrialists together with the technology of our age. We do this by making use of the vast knowledge of our team of color experts, technicians and engineers, who have more than 10 years of experience in their respective fields.

We are working to develop our sector and our country’s industry, to support it with innovative technologies and to contribute to the future of our profession. We are happy if we were able to put a brick in the Turkish economy with our products, all of which are domestically produced. Because we care about our country and we want to fulfill our duty to carry our sector forward.

We are improving ourselves every day to do all these without compromising our quality, without shaking the trust of our customers who prefer us with pleasure. As the Avrasya Digital family, we aim to stand out with our sensitivity in terms of quality and customer satisfaction both in our country and in the international arena.

As Avrasya Digital, we support sustainable technology. We make use of modern technology and use natural resources in the most efficient way for the continuity of our beautiful world and humanity. We are working to minimize ecological risks and to develop a sectoral solution to environmental problems.


     To offer the highest quality products to our customers with the support we receive from technology, to develop the sector we serve and to carry our industry to the future. In order to fulfill this mission, we draw strength from the experience of our professional team and the satisfaction of dozens of our customers.


     To be recognized all over the world as a pioneering, dynamic company in the digital printing sector, which has adopted the principle of renewing itself. In line with this vision, we invest in digital printing technologies in Turkey and around the world, and try to get to know our field better in order to inform our customers about sectoral innovations and developments.